Sunday Funday Links!

So I’m going to trying using Sunday as a day to compile some articles that I read and found interesting for you all, and hopefully that way you can begin your week feeling marginally better informed than you were before. Some of these will address things I have written about, and others will just be things that might be interesting.

First, good news! It seems that the genocide trial against Efrain Rios Montt will go forward, although there is still some potential for legal challenges and shenanigans.

On the subject of post-conflict justice, this was a really interesting read about how the International Criminal Court at the Hague functions, specifically how they choose which cases to prosecute. If that is something you get nerdily excited about, like I do, you should check it out.

Earlier this week, there was a factory collapse in Bangladesh that killed 380 workers. The building was divided into different sections serving different companies, including a number of Western corporations. The building was licensed to have five floors, but another three were constructed illegally. Today, the owner of the building was caught trying to escape Bangladesh into India. He will be tried for negligence.

Two members of Italy’s military police were shot today as the new cabinet was being sworn in. The officers are both alive, but one was wounded in the neck and remains in critical condition.

This is also a solid editorial about how our current system of giving food aid directly to poor countries is not the most efficient or helpful was to try to help them. By shipping food from the U.S. to recipients of U.S. food aid, we are both delaying the time in which the neediest recipients will get it and depressing the local economy. Most other major donor countries give money directly to aid groups for them to purchase food locally. Of course, there are economic reasons domestically for us to continue with the current system, and farming and shipping lobbyists are pushing hard for the status quo.

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