Links to Start Your Week

Happy Sunday Funday. Here’s what I’ve been reading this weekend.

The president’s recent trip to Mexico and Costa Rica wound up revealing some details about domestic and Middle Eastern policy.

Foreign Policy magazine provides some reflections on the nature of diplomacy.

If you’re not familiar with Policy Mic, you should check it out. It’s essentially a community of young writers covering a range of foreign and domestic issues. Some of their articles are better than others, of course. And in my opinion, this was one of the better ones. Read to learn a little about Israel’s drone wars.

On the subject of Israel, earlier this week they launched attacks on Syrian weapons convoys, lending further credence to fears that the Syrian war will draw its neighbors into the conflict and destabilize the region.

And finally, some of the hysteria following the Boston bombing has faded, but for some of our countrymen, deep-seated prejudices remain.

Monday Update: There have been some reports of chemical weapon use, specifically sarin gas, in Syria. At first, the main theory was that the Assad regime, which is known to possess chemical weapons, had used them. However, yesterday we heard reports that it might actually have been the rebels:

But today, the UN has announced that there is no clear proof that either side has used chemical weapons. The plot thickens.

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