Links to Start Your Week 5/12/13

This is a good way to follow up on Wednesday’s post. There’s discussion of the White House’s involvement in writing talking points after the Benghazi attacks. Also, apparently my referring to the State Department location attacked in Benghazi was slightly inaccurate. It was not a consulate, but rather a “diplomatic outpost.”

Here’s a longer analytical take on it.

Pakistan held an election on Saturday. This marks the first time that country has a democratic transition of power. Several parties, however, were targeted by the Pakistani Taliban during the run-up to the election, and were unable to campaign as openly as they would have hoped. Unofficial results indicate a return to power for a former prime minister who was once ousted by a military coup.

For a little more in-depth analysis of the electoral campaign and the parties and candidates that participated, try this:

It’s been a while since I had an update of the situation in Guatemala. The good news is that Rios Montt was convicted of his involvement in genocide against the ethnic Mayans of his country. The bad news is that we are now seeing protests against the conviction and calls to nullify it.

This seems problematic: “The nuclear air force is suffering from a deep malaise caused by the declining relevance of their mission since the Cold War’s end over 20 years ago.”


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