Links to Start Your Week 5.26.13

Just when I thought the drama over the Efrain Rios Montt trial in Guatemala was over, it begins again. The country’s high court annulled the conviction. Apparently the announcement of this development was much lower profile than the announcement of the verdict. For those interested in a little more history of the genocide under Rios Montt and Reagan’s support for the dictator, try this.

Venezuela’s new president, Nicolas Maduro, has created a new police unit to address the nation’s homicide rate and is working to implement a new security plan for the country.

New Zealand agrees to provide financial and cultural redress to some of the indigenous tribes who were marginalized during the colonization of the country.

So far in Syria, the U.S. has stuck to a role of providing non-lethal aid that is nonetheless military in nature, such as body armor and night vision goggles (in addition to more civilian assistance such as food aid.) This op-ed lays out a framework for a non-military response to the crisis.


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