John Kerry and the Keystone XL Pipeline

Hello internet friends! My friend just restarted her blog. Check out her latest post about the Keystone XL pipeline!


Thankfully for the world, it’s not governed by the U.S.’s highly ineffective and squabbling Congress, which means that international decisions, such as the U.S.’s involvement in the Keystone XL pipeline, come down to a recommendation from the State Department and are ultimately decided by the POTUS. This can prove to be very positive, because with the right leader in place, they don’t have to deal with people in Congress who think that global warming is a joke. Last year, Obama delayed making any decision about the pipeline, which means that there is, unfortunately, still a chance of it getting approved. The only change from last year is that John Kerry took over from Hillary Clinton in leading the State Department. It’s also a blessing that Obama is still in charge, as Romney would have approved the pipeline on Day One (he had a lot of big dreams, okay?)

Before I…

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