Links to Start Your Week 6/9/13

My Wednesday post will be looking at NSA collection of phone records, PRISM, and the civil liberties implications of the war on terror (okay, this may have to be multiple posts.) But for now, here are a couple links to get started reading up on what I think is the biggest scandal to come out of the Obama administration.

–       First, meet the man behind these latest leaks:

–       For a little more info on the NSA programs for global datamining, try here:

–       This is a good quick summary of the situation:

In other news in the war on terror, the CIA didn’t always know whom they were targeting with drone strikes. But obviously they had good intel that these unidentified people were clear and imminent dangers to the U.S. Oh, and they have “likely ignored or missed mistakes when tallying death totals.” That seems good.

Here’s an update on the protests in Turkey: Prime Minister Erdogan has called for an end to the protests, but has not indicated a concrete plan to remove protesters from Taksim Park.

I studied abroad for a semester in Santiago, Chile, and towards the end of my time there a bunch of student protests over the high cost of education began. Now, some of those student leaders are running for office in the Chilean congress. This year’s election in Chile could also see some of the first serious debate ever regarding the possibility of reforming the neoliberal economic model imposed on the country by U.S.-back dictator Augusto Pinochet. I’ll probably be writing more about the Chilean elections in the future.


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