Links to Start Your Week 6/23/13

Edward Snowden, the Booz Allen contractor turned whistleblower, has left Hong Kong and is ultimately headed to Ecuador. The country has also given asylum to Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks.

Michael Hastings, the journalist, who among many other important stories wrote the Rolling Stone article that ultimately led to General Stanley McChrystal’s resignation, died in a car crash earlier this week. Apparently, prior to crashing his car at high speed, he had sent an email to some friends and associates stating that he was on to a big story, but the FBI was starting to question his friends and family. He advised his employers to get legal counsel if they were questioned, and said that he might have to go “off the radar” for a while.

Before anyone freaks out about this next link, let me state that I understand that the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is complex, and that it must be challenging to try cope with groups launching missiles into Israel. That said, I think the atrocities that Israel commits against Palestinians are also heinous, perpetrated on a greater scale because they have more military power, and prevent good faith negotiations. I’ll write in greater detail about the conflict there, because it deserves an in-depth discussion, but basically: A report by the U.N. found that Palestinian children captured by Israelis have been tortured, interrogated in Hebrew, a language they don’t understand, and forced to sign confessions in Hebrew in order to be released. They are often arrested for throwing stones, which can carry a penalty of up to 20 years. (Also, I feel ridiculous that I had to put a disclaimer before this, but people lose their shit when you criticize Israel in a way that I have never seen with any other topic.)

Thursday was World Refugee Day. The intro and last paragraph of this article are a little preachy, but the information in between is important, and a lot of people don’t know it. I also find it interesting that while this article was posted two days ago, it has not had any comments.


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