Links to Start Your Week 7/7/13

Edward Snowden has a firm offer of asylum in Venezuela. Bolivia and Nicaragua have also indicated they would grant him asylum. The Russians have indicated that they would let him leave to accept Venezuela’s offer, but it is still a bit iffy how he would get to Venezuela, since earlier this week Bolivian president Evo Morales’s plane was refused permission to fly over France, Italy, and Spain until his plane could be searched to prove Edward Snowden was not on board.

Some students were hilariously sassy (and made some excellent points) when they met some NSA recruiters earlier this week.

France reportedly has a program pretty similar to the NSA’s PRISM.

The FISA court, which you might remember from some of the info about the NSA leaks, has shifted from its original purpose, approving wiretap requests and the like on a case by case basis, to setting out legal opinions that will shape intelligence practice for a long time.

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