Links to Start Your Week 7/14/13

This piece reveals a lot about the journalists who go to conflict zones like Syria and the conditions under which they are expected to work.

If you have ever worked in the service industry, or just been outraged by how little people who work jobs like waiting tables are paid, read this. Actually, it is probably even more important to read if you have never worked one of those jobs or been outraged about the poor pay. Maybe it will give you something new to think about.

Just some more details on how the NSA monitors your activity, including the fact that they apparently have direct access to companies’ servers, which the companies have been denying.

For all the talk of an “Asia Pivot” in our foreign policy, the U.S. continues to focus on the Middle East. To be fair, there is a lot going on there. But then, there’s a lot going on in the rest of the world too.

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