Links to Start Your Week 9/29/13

We officially have a deal to get chemical weapons out of Syria, and without a bombing campaign.

A former chief prosecutor over at Just Security has a proposal for using the International Criminal Court to impose accountability for war crimes on both the Assad regime and the rebels in Syria.

Speaking of the ICC, they are struggling with a bit of an image issue. The court has been criticized for only prosecuting Africans, which thus far is true. Kenya will vote soon on a measure to withdraw from ICC jurisdiction, and there is a possibility that the rest of the African Union will follow suit.

Gunmen attacked a college in Nigeria, killing at least 50 students. It is believed to be the work of members of Boko Haram, an Islamist insurgent group seeking to overthrow the government there. The students were killed in their sleep in the college dormitories.

So, child labor is still practiced in much of the world. And in Bangladesh, child laborers have formed their own bank to help each other save money for the future and avoid having their wages stolen by their bosses or street gangs.

The UN’s panel on climate change released a new report on climate change, showing a 95% certainty that humans are influencing climate change. Mother Jones has an article looking at how projected population growth is an important factor to consider as we seek to address climate change.

This is a convenient breakdown of the potential government shutdown looming in the U.S.


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