Links to Start Your Week 12/1/13

This week I’m going to try to get back on track with longer written posts. But in the meantime, catch up on news with some linkage!


You may have heard the hubbub about the U.S. flying B-52 bombers through airspace that China recently claimed. Folks at The Duck of Minerva posit some theories for why China is claiming this expanded airspace in the first place.

Middle East

For those still not sure what is up with the nuclear deal with Iran, this is a basic breakdown. The American Prospect has a roundup of even more articles discussing the deal, if you’re super interested.

The effects of climate change will not be gender neutral, according to research done recently in Pakistan.

Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan’s president, has stated that he will not sign the recently negotiated security agreement with the U.S. unless drone strikes within Afghan territory stop. In fact, he’s thrown out a couple of new conditions to preclude his signing of the agreement. But the drone strike condition comes in the wake of a strike that killed a 2-year-old child.

Latin America

In Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro has rolled out a plan for strict inspections of businesses suspected of price gouging, following up on the occupation of several major stores in the capital.

A land dispute between indigenous tribes and other landowners is simmering in Brazil, prompting deployment of the country’s National Force. A court ruling previously stated that the land in question should belong to the Terena peoples, but farmers and homesteaders have refused to leave without compensation and will be fundraising soon to hire private security firms to guard against potential indigenous occupations of their farms.

If you’ve ever wanted to read more about the coca farms in the Amazon, the BBC has got you covered.

Human Rights

The Guardian reports on the International Commission on Missing Persons, a group committed to identifying the often-anonymous dead found in mass graves after civil wars, genocide, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters.

American Democracy

The IRS is aiming to introduce new rules to limit dark money in politics.

Climate Change/Environment

Some proposals on how we can alter our diplomacy to try and deal with climate change.

This is an interesting piece about the business and process of recycling. I didn’t know much about it before.


“Despite gaining ground in some countries and encountering opportunities for revitalization in Syria and Egypt, al Qaeda, as a single entity, continues to fracture.” Basically, the new head of al Qaeda does not have the same control over the network of affiliated groups and individuals that bin Laden did. That same blog has a somewhat related post that I recommend about how the media covers terrorism attacks, and sort of tries to link them all to al Qaeda or else decides they are not important enough to merit extensive coverage.

Feminist Inspiration

Salon presents a list of badass female authors who spent time behind bars.


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  1. Christina says:

    Love Salon’s list.

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