Links to Start Your Week 1/6/14


During South Sudan’s long war for independence, the many young orphaned refugees emerging from the conflict became known as the “Lost Boys.” Now, the ones who have returned to the newly independent state are finding themselves drawn into the new conflict there.

An NPR reporter in South Sudan interviewed an ex-minister (and narrowly avoided being arrested with him) about the country’s future.

Middle East

Hardliners in Israel are threatening to topple the government if Benjamin Netanyahu accepts the peace deal John Kerry is working on.


Four striking garment workers in Cambodia were killed by police during their protests for higher wages.


For those who were particularly interested in the Robert Levinson case in Iran, Shadow Diplomacy has an analysis of how Levinson and others like him impact politics in Iran and efforts to normalize relations.

This post rounds up some of the news from Iran in the past year, from presidential elections to the founding of an animal shelter.

A writer for The Atlantic makes the case for normalizing relations with Iran beyond the context of a nuclear deal.


For map enthusiasts, a visual representation of where in the U.S. poverty is most concentrated.

Also for map enthusiasts: the vast network of the Koch brothers’ political network.

Meanwhile, The Progressive analyzes whether or not Edward Snowden should ever accept an offer of amnesty in the U.S., and the fact that the oath he swore was to uphold the Constitution, not protect the NSA.

International Security

The Council of Foreign Relations presents a map showing hotspots (or potential hotspots) for conflict around the world. I guess it has been a good week for maps.


States seem to be underreporting complaints about fracking-related water contamination.


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