Links to Start Your Week 1/12/14

Human Rights

It turns that cracking down on illegal fishing around the world would also help prevent human trafficking.

You might remember that I have posted a few stories on abuse of migrants and asylum seekers around the world. Now, in Australia, it is harder and more expensive (read: will cost you $7,000) to report on the country’s refugee crisis from the small island nation of Nauru where many migrants and refugees are sent.


Yes Magazine rounded up a list of 10 ways to fight economic inequality.

Middle East

An incredibly brave Pakistani teenager died saving his classmates from a suicide bomber. Goodbye to Aitizaz Hassan.

A nuclear freeze date for Iran has been announced. January 20! So hopefully Congress won’t fuck it up by enacting new sanctions.

The Syrian civil war has officially passed 100,000 fatalities, and the U.N. has announced that it is unable to accurately track casualties there any more, given how much the security situation has deteriorated.


A feminist activist in China did a 2,000-mile walk in protest of sexual harassment and abuse.


The Progressive discusses the problems that the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has produced and why that means we should not approve the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a secretive new trade deal currently in the works.


The president of the Central African Republic has resigned. He was facing harsh criticism for his failure to quell the ongoing violence in his country. The fighting is mostly taking place between rival Christian and Muslim militias.

U.S. National Security

Oklahoma might charge two activists who unfurled a banner and poured some glitter in the offices housing an energy company with terrorism. Because that seems like a reasonable and appropriate response. (The protesters took down their banner themselves after a few minutes and apologized to the janitor approaching to sweep up the glitter.)

A retiring NSA deputy direct has acknowledged that there is no proof that terrorists are changing their tactics as a result of the Snowden leaks.

This Friday Obama will be giving a speech that is supposed to introduce new reforms on NSA surveillance. I hope something good and substantive will happen, but I’m not holding my breath.

U.S. Politics

Some politicians want to make it impossible to amend the aforementioned TPP being negotiated in secret before voting on it, with only certain corporations able to see the current version.

Recently we started hearing the story of a number of Americans who broke into an FBI office to prove that the Bureau was spying on American protestors. They called themselves the Citizens’ Commission to Investigate the FBI, and they were totally baller. Democracy Now! also has a special discussing their story.

There will be a number of big governors’ races across the country this year. Mother Jones looks into the dark money funds that will help fuel the campaigns.

Finally, as an avid follower of international news, sometimes I forget that not everyone is as engaged with international affairs. This article illustrates how little U.S. media outlets actually cover events outside the U.S.


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