Links to Start Your Week 1/20/14

Human Rights/Civil Rights

As we recognize Martin Luther King Jr. contribution to the advancement of civil rights in this country today, I also invite my readers to remember that King was also an anti-war activist who condemned the war in Vietnam and a strong supporter of unions, workers’ rights, and opponent of inequality. In other words, he’s even cooler than most people realize.


So, this writer from The Guardian has presented an article about a land-grab that is targeting London’s red-light district. I’m really interested in the issue of sex work and how it can be pursued in a way that reinforces women’s rights rather than undermining them.

With that in mind, this is a discussion of how the movement for the abolition of sex work undermines workers’ rights.

The 85 richest people in the world have as much wealth between them as the poorest half of the global population combined.

National Security

Senators Tim Kaine (I campaigned for him!) and John McCain have introduced a bill to put greater accountability on the president for the use of force. It would order that the Executive Branch consult with the legislature before ordering deployment. It still allows for the president to launch humanitarian interventions and covert action without consultation with Congress.


Global warming will increase the occurrence of extreme weather events associated with El Niño.

The chemical spill in West Virginia has led to a doubling of chemical-related hospital admissions in the area.

Middle East

Some more discussion of the issue of Israel as a specifically Jewish state, and how it encourages discrimination against Palestinians.


This is an interesting interview about the world’s biggest democracy, India.


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