Links to Start Your Week 4/21/14


Victory: The NYPD has disbanded a unit that was entirely devoted to spying on Muslims in New York.

Less exciting: the FBI has an expanding facial recognition database and will include millions of images of civilians as well as criminals.

For reasons that remain unclear to me, we continue to defer to the judgments of the people who led us into the Iraq War on foreign policy issues.

Just Security raises questions regarding the U.S. use of drone strikes in Yemen, including the fact that we seem to be sliding into fighting a Yemeni insurgency rather than focusing on a narrow counterterrorism mission.



A program called “Surging Seas” provides maps of estimated sea level rises in the U.S. by zip code. Now you can see whether your house will one day be under water due to climate change!

One of the towns most at risk for sea level rise from climate change is also totally economically dependent on one of the industries most responsible for climate change: oil.



A group of international lawyers and activists have come together to form The Iraq Commission, a group dedicated to bringing the architects of the Iraq War to trial for war crimes and crimes against peace.

Police stations in Pakistan run by women are filling a vacuum in society and providing new opportunities for women to get justice in a male-dominated society.


Latin America

For decades, Florida has been one of the main places that continued to support the U.S. Cold War policy of an embargo on Cuba. Finally, a recent poll shows that a majority of Floridians supports ending the embargo. The real question is: does that matter to the politicians in Washington?



An environmentalist in Thailand has gone missing shortly after he accused park rangers of illegal activity.

This is a really interesting photo essay on Mongolia’s “ninja” gold miners illegally operating in the countryside.



234 female students have been kidnapped from a school in Nigeria. Authorities believe the extremist group Boko Haram committed the crime.


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