Links to Start Your Week 11/16/14

Pretend this was posted before midnight.


Western attempts to improve agriculture in Africa sometimes do more harm than good.

A female suicide bomber in Nigeria killed 13 people in a marketplace. So far no group has claimed responsibility, but people seem to believe it was Boko Haram.

Middle East

ISIL has beheaded another American, this time an aid worker named Peter Kassig.

Latin America

A police officer shot at students organizing to protest the disappearance of 43 students in Mexico. At least one was injured. The police officer has been arrested.

Latin American groups are starting to organize to promote more rights for women within peasant and food sovereignty movements in the region.

A Colombian general may have been kidnapped by FARC rebels.


A suicide car bomber attacked a convoy of politicians in Afghanistan. Three civilians were killed, 22 others injured. One of the lawmakers present was a prominent female member of parliament, who has campaigned consistently for women’s rights in the country and as a result received many death threats. Both government and Taliban sources have said they do not know who was behind the bombing.

India is the world’s largest arms importer, but is now trying to make the shift to manufacturing and selling weapons itself.


“The gathering risks of climate change are so profound that they could stall or even reverse generations of progress against poverty and hunger if greenhouse emissions continue at a runaway pace.”

National Security

The Wall Street Journal broke a story that the U.S. is using fake cell phone towers attached to planes to gather information from U.S. citizens’ cell phones. Since the WSJ has a pay wall, that link goes to a Gizmodo article on the subject instead.


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