Links to Start Your Week 3/8/15

International Women’s Day!

On this fine day, the Zinn Education Project has a toolkit for educators to teach women’s contributions to history year-round, and for the rest of us to learn.

This piece uses recent acts of violence against women in India as a starting point to discuss how to design cities “as if women mattered.” The author argues the that widespread threat of violence against women in cities needs to be considered part of more generalized discrimination against women in our societies.

The U.N. kind of stated the obvious, but it is important to reiterate: zero countries have achieved gender equality.

Men in Afghanistan marched in burqas to protest for women’s rights, in what some hope is a sign that the conservative country may slowly be changing.

Meanwhile, China detained a number of women activists on the eve of International Women’s Day. The women had been planning a campaign against sexual harassment on public transit.

Finally, I personally would like to ask everyone to remember on this International Women’s Day the fact that middle class white women are not the only faces of feminism. Today, remember and honor the poor women of the world, the women of color, the LGBTQ women (especially trans women, who are so often excluded from mainstream feminist discourse,) and differently-abled women. This is a day for all women, and feminism is a movement for all women.

Civil Liberties/Human Rights/Police Brutality

Hackers in Seattle have helped activists launch a Youtube channel for redacted bodycam videos. Also, I found this story on Vice’s blog Officer Involved, which is devoted to covering policing in America, which seems valuable and necessary. Check it out.

An organization called Witness is training citizen-activists to turn surveillance around on the government by filming police and other officials to hold them accountable.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave his speech to Congress, in which he repeated basically the exact same claims about Iranian threats to Israeli security that he has been saying since the 1990s. Many Democrats boycotted the speech, since addresses by foreign leaders to Congress are normally conducted in consultation with the sitting president. Netanyahu is running for reelection.

This is a very thoughtful exploration of ISIS’s impact on our collective psyche, showing that a significant portion of their power is psychological rather than physical/military.

Nigerian militant group Boko Haram has apparently pledged allegiance to ISIS. It is not really clear what that means for the course of the conflict in Nigeria.

In Other News…

An International Affair is now on Tumblr. It actually has been for a little bit but I forget to mention it here. So if you want another way to follow me, look no further. It is kind of like an ongoing “Links to Start Your Week,” because I just reblog stuff that interests/inspires me.


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